Turbulent Surface, winter 2020, Glass, handmade paper, drawings, Installation video
Turbulence surface is about how the surface wants to break, but at the same time, fears to break. Memories of trauma. Feelings inside my body. A display of my emotional state. Waves of conflicting emotions over time, change of heart, turbulent surface.

About the video: a glass piece that was red slowly turned transparent and broke suddenly. Thinking about self–destruction, touching the edge of its form. Transforming my own experience through making art. A turbulent glass surface full of heat, and wanting to break but at the same time fear to break.

Regarding the paper sandwiched by the glass, the glass protects the paper from being burnt out in the heat, but the paper is not unscathed. The fragility and softness of the handmade paper vs. the hardness and transparency of the glass.

About some irresistible emotion, a desire to fall, the broken to protect the soft and fragile. Lost, emotional fears are imprisoned, presented in the form of a turbulent surface.  A more emotional, chaotic, intuitive work. Turbulent surface- glass surface. A surface wants to break but at the same time fears to break. A very emotional surface.