Providence, spring 2022, Glass, film, glycerin, silicon glue

I always felt that taking photos is more about action and searching than thinking. On my way to the grocery, meeting friends and the fragments of life can all become part of my photography work. 

The crystal ball is a very magical thing. Photos wander in liquid and flow in time in the crystal ball. You see the outside world through the crystal ball. It connects memory and the future. Through the crystal ball, you can also see the distorted reality. It shows a fable, a story that needs someone who can interpret it. I think crystal balls and photo frames are the kinds of things you would buy in a gift shop when you travel to a country as souvenirs. It’s in line with my “Journey” in this country. I put a collage of film in the crystal ball. The photo collages with positive shapes and negative shapes, which act as the center of the crystal ball. I also cut some small pieces to keep them floating in the sphere. The base is made of sand-cast glass, which is then glued to the sphere.